Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More funny stuff

From top: Trilobite, Petrified palm from Chinchilla OLD and fossil yabbie from Darwin!!
I wish I could go look for fossiles myself. I haven't had much chance to go around in Australia yet so I really need to see more different things in Australia.
Whenever I get time and money, I tend to go to Japan to see my family or around. Huge delemma!!


elainelaine said...

I think your fossil collection must be sinking into my subconscious.... Looking thru my sketchbook there's some drawings of fossils starting to peek through... amongst all the islands, oceans and coral necklaces...

Kyoko said...

I thought you'll like looking at fossils and stones with intricate details! It's kind of like bonsai, a big universe in a small bonsai island, if you know what I mean..
I miss you! and really looking forward to your work!