Friday, 19 June 2009

New woodblock and other exhibition news

Finally I finished engraving my new woodblock last night. My arm's sore...
Well I don't have a relief press so I just have to hand-print it!
It's a calcite from my collection of stones!
First time in a long long time there is no animal!!

2 of my rabbits are going to be in an exhibition in the National Art Centre in Tokyo and 1 of my rabbits is going to be in an exhibition in Kyoto:D It'd be great for my parents to see my work in a gallery space, finally!!
I'm really happy that my works are travelling to be looked at by different audience.
It'll be interesting to see how they see my work in Japan..


marvellous said...

Fantastic!!! Beautiful print, and fab news about the exhibitions!!! WOW MAJOR Galleries!!! GOOD ON YOU!!!!

Bridget Farmer said...

come round and print it on my press, it looks great!

Kyoko said...

Thank you Elaine, I'm so glad my parents can finally see my work in a gallery space.
Thank you! I'd love to print in your lovely home!