Monday, 5 October 2009

Recent doodles...and news

Awwww I got a press from my friend Bridget while she is in Belfast but haven't had time to use it yet! Doodling makes me want to do etching that I can't do at home.
I have to make images that are more suitable for engraving or drypoint but my recent drawings look more suited for etching.
I'm always making things that are more difficult:(

Another thing.. I am included in the 2009 Geelong acquisive print awards at Geelong Galley. I haven't seen it myself but looks like there are so many beautiful works in the exhibition! I feel really lucky to be able to show my work with such established printmakers such as Jazmina Cininas, Heather Shimen, Richard Harding, David Frazer and many more.

This work is by Angela Cavalleri, 2009 winner of the awards.


Bridget Farmer said...

these are beautiful! love them. I saw your work in geelong, it's a gorgeous exhibition and your work looked great.
Get using that press!

marvellous said...

congratulations girl!!