Friday, 29 January 2010

Bumping into new problems in Fungiland

I'm having a difficult time!

I printed a wood engraving block on a thin Gampi rice paper a few weeks ago, because I couldn't print it too well with smooth rag papers. I thought I would print it and do chin colle ( It's a technique that an image is impressed onto a thin sheet of rice paper which is backed by a stronger, thicker rag paper, usually used for intaglio prints).
I never usually do this technique for relief such as woodblock or lino prints but rice paper can take impression so much better than regular paper so I couldn't resist.

I put thinned rice glue on the back of the paper. I could tell the glue was already making the paper too wet because it is so thin like tissue.

Getting rid of excess glue. I had to be really careful not to tear the paper, the paper's obviously way too thin.
I knew this moment, I'd chosen wrong way to print this woodblock but there is no going back anymore I just had to keep going and hoping some sort of divine power to help me.

Another mistake here, I shouldn't have let it dry a bit. Gampi SHRANK (maybe just wrinkly) as it dried.
So I stopped doing it after this batch.

It may be hard to see in the photo, but actually the surface is very uneven and lumpy.

I do like the idea of chin colle because it can create a subtle tonal difference and richer black in the image but Gampi was not a right choice.
I've actually done this technique for another wood engraving block but used a slightly thicker rice paper. It was a success.
I think that's what I should have used.
I 'll keep trying!
Thank you so much for reading my long whinge...


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

I love the old wood engravings. I have loved since a wee waifer.. I was an avaracious reader and all the children's books, the old ones, all had amazing prints, black and white illustrations and the most amazing Ex Libris...

I must try it some day.
YOU...must try some writing to go with your images. Some stories or poems.

On my blog is a poem that I had just written and was published this month in the Faerie Magazine. Then, if you head to the etsy shop, you see the character of the story

you're brilliant


Kyoko said...

Thank you Kevin!
Me too, I think i love wood engraving because of its association with books.
I'm trying to do text too, as I'm planning to make artist books. It's never easy for me, I always try hard to be too smart and end up embarrassing myself....