Monday, 11 January 2010

A piece of peacock feather

One of my favorite pieces of ore/minerals in the collection is called labradorite. The colour of labradorite reminds me of a peacock feather or a butterfly wing.

Because it was boiling hot today, I thought it was quite deadly to print (from smell of ink and turps or dehydration) or just try anything outside, so I just sat in my studio and looked at different colours this one makes with different lights.

Shattered ancient mirror!

It is still 37 degrees at 11:20pm.... it'll be a sleepless night.


Bridget Farmer said...

Poor you all hot and unable to do anything. that is the only thing i'm dreading about coming back to australia.
That stone is lovely! Is it wrong to call it a stone?!

Kyoko said...

Apparently it was the hottest night since 1902 in Melbourne, temperature finally dropped to 30.6 at 8am! And another 40 degrees day today..
I often call it stone too! gem stones, mineral stone...