Monday, 22 February 2010

Soul of flowers

On the weekend, I was obsessed.
Obsessed with drawing what looks like trees.

I felt something had popped in my head!
I don't think I ever did drawing like this.

I looked at them today and remembered a poem I saw when I was in primary school year 4.

Please excuse my poor translation.....

Soul of flowers by Misuzu Kaneko

Souls of fallen flowers,
Born every last one,
In Buddha's flower garden

Because flowers are gentle,
When the sun is calling,
They pop open and smile,
Giving sweet nectar to butterflies,
Giving their scent to people

When wind calls "Come",
They still follow it gently,

Even their corpses,
Become a meal in a playhouse


Yoli said...

Beautiful and your paintings so delicately joyful.

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


I love the cat silhouette of the meow.
You are one fructuous girl!

I was going to add titillating...but fructuous and titillating in one sentence....too much! It might go right to yer wee head...and next thing you know...ego inflated. That giant head is could fall over on yer loverly meow and squish the catnip right out over her.

However, I think the silhouette of the meow with the vegetation sprouting up is a nice image to explore. Maybe the tree-like stuff is as wild and bizarre as you have...and maybe they create images too...
like yer paper books.

Again...that would be an interesting direction to take that image and add some story, poem to it.

K, are you partaking of the catnip too? That might explain the wild images you painted this weekend. Did you feel like climbing the trees or scratching your nails on the furniture?

the post too short?

Kyoko said...

Thank you Yoli, I had good time drawing them:)

Thank you for the lovely comment! I think I will keep drawing until I get something more solid! And maybe I'll turn it into a prints or different types of books.
Yeah i think so, catnip got me high, I felt like running around. And my cat at home was following me everywhere I went.
Your post is always very much appreciated:)

gracia said...

Such beautiful trees and heir branches woven across the page. It really looks as though you enjoyed working on these.