Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Doodle time capsules

I have been drawing every day and night, even at my casual temp job at the reception. (job is priority though, really!)
I often like my drawings at work better than when I'm in my studio concentrating to make something nice.
Not always, but I seem to make things I like when I'm on the phone with someone I don't know about.

I figured that I can work better when I'm not trying and I'm not aware of what exactly I'm doing.
And then I'd come back to the studio after work and try to re-draw from what I got from daytime.
Quite often those little drawings end up being nothing but they always serve other purpose in my studio.

They work really well as my time capsules.
I will look at them in few years time and feel nostalgic / embarrassed / inspired etc...
I actually looked at my 6-years-old sketch books for ideas recently.
I thought I'd use bits and pieces of them as they were unexpectedly interesting.
They are my strictly secret books as they are too embarrassing.

I used to think there is some sort of divine power that descends on to genius artists with some inspirations and ideas.
That's a bit of an exaggeration but I did think I needed to be a super creative inventor of everything brand new.
So absurd!
I believe now that inspiration and creativity come from exploring, re-examining and transforming own experiences and existing ideas, re-thinking about memories or images that are archived in my head somewhere. I don't believe I can ever be a super inventor of original art that no one has ever seen before.
Everyone gets inspired from someone else's great works and ideas.
I guess important thing for me is to create something that people already know or seen but from a new or a different perspective.
So I will keep my daily drawing.... secretly.... at my reception in the office.


stargazer said...

I love these! Quirky and intriguing... they look more than doodles to me, more like mini studies. Do you paint these or use coloured pencils?

Kyoko said...

Thank you! They are all ink drawings with watercolour. I think I'll keep drawing like these!

The Beaufort 8 Group said...

Not a secret now!
Do it!

Cathy G said...

Kyoko, your illustrations are really beautiful.
A litle macabre and mysterious but really lovely!
Good one.

Yoli said...

Kyoko this is really lovely. There is a Victorian quality about them. Put them up on your shop!