Sunday, 4 July 2010

Childhood fear

When I was a child, I was such a pessimist. I was always thinking about how the world was going to end and cried in my bed at night. Every time I heard airplane in the sky in kindergarten, I feared for WW3 and hid inside.

So I thought I needed to get gas masks for everyone in my family...

I often remember this when I'm using stinky turps and methylated spirits in the studio.
It's about time I got a proper mask to protect myself from these chemicals!


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


I have no idea what to say!
I'm laughing!
I was afraid of the Blob.
(From the original movie. Not the remake).
I was also afraid of girls...they had cooties.

I got over it.


(I just sent a manuscript to Disney of children's story and illustrations. Now I wait to see what happens)

Yoli said...

Profound child.

Elaine SuHui said...

This gas mask thing is really cool. I think you should go somewhere with this! I also feared for WW3 when I was a kid and would have dreams of the planet exploding right outside my bedroom window.

Bridget Farmer said...

I used to cry in bed at night about global warming and dream about ww2 bombers flying over my house. (I must be old fashioned!) Maybe this is why you, me and elaine are friends!