Friday, 29 October 2010

Trumpet team

old little robo, out of date in his world.

Kamikiri, old Japanese folklore monster (yokai) who appeared out of nowhere and cut hair secretly on the street.
they disappeared after Japan widely adopted Western culture, people had their hair like westerners'.

they are two of four trumpet prints with Damon.
my little dream is to make a whole orchestra with our prints...


Elaine Su-Hui Chew said...

Yes to an orchestra! I think this duo of you and Damon is just the BOMB. You guys are really making something special together. I hope you have an exhibition planned soon! xoxo

Kyoko said...

thank you elaine! yes i am enjoying the collabration very very much! Lots and lots of learning from damon.
fingers crossed for the exhibition in 2011:)

Juddie said...

Oh yes please! I love these!!!