Sunday, 13 February 2011

cat cat cat

cats this time with damon!


stargazer said...

Oh I love this image! There's something a bit spooky about it, but at the same time reassuring (guess it depends how you view cats - I have 2). You're doing some fab work - great to see.

Chai said...

What is it?
Is it a lithograph?

Is it for sale?

Kyoko said...

thank you for your lovely comments.
yes i understand about cat having these opposite qualities.. my cat is so cuddly but sometimes scary... and sometimes seems to be thinking something philosophical:)

it's etching and aquatint and also for sale.
please let me know if you need more info!

Chai said...

Am thinking. How big is it? And is it being exhibited anywhere at the moment?

Thanks for indulging me. :-)

Kyoko said...

Hi! thanks for your reply
Paper size is 33cm x 25cm and image size is 13cm x 19cm.
It has never been exhibited anywhere yet, but Damon and I are having an exhibition in June!

Yoli said...

I love this! You have outdone yourself girl.