Saturday, 1 October 2011

Japan and Korea

Damon and I are back to Melbourne after 20 days in Japan and 4 days in Korea.
It feels so fast but at the same time it feels like I was overseas a lot longer.
We had exhibition, met new friends and visited wonderful places.

Tokyo city from Tokyo Metropolitan Government,observatories in Shinjuku

National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo
I spent 2 days drawings animals/insects/fish and old tools etc etc!

Artist night at Grantchester House, organised by Cambridge based artist Hiroshi Shimura who also manages this gallery.

Kiyosumi garden - Japanese stroll garden constructed by a founder of Mitsubishi, Yataro Iwasaki


National Museum of Korea
I spent 2 days drawing their collection, I could do more.
Gigantic space!

National Folk Museum of Korea in Gyeongbok Palace

Inside the Palace with Kim (right) and Damon (left)

War Memorial of Korea
Another gigantic place where Damon spent ages drawing airplanes and helicopters.

The greatest Hyun Ju Kim who made our trip to Seoul very special.
She is a wonderful friend and superb printmaker.
We miss you Kim!

We've been very fortunate to have friends and family who welcomed us very warmly both Japan and Korea. Thank you very much for being so generous and kind.
Thank you Tokyo and Seoul - it's been so inspiring!
We'll be back soon!!


Yoli said...

What an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing the images, I am more determined than ever to make it to Japan and Korea.

Kyoko said...

Yes it was such a great trip! It was a beautiful autumn weather when we were in Seoul - it made a huge difference as Japan was so hot and humid!