Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tia and Haniwa

Tia was my model for a different print in warm and cold colours.
Now she's a little grown up starting school next year.
I've made another print of recent Tia.
This will be my last print in 2011.

She's carrying a Haniwa terracotta clay figure on her head.
It's one of my favorite things I love to look and draw when I go to museums.
There are many different forms - horses, birds, dogs, shields, weapons, men, women etc..

They are ritural funerary figures used to be buried with aristocrats in Kofun period, late 3rd to late 6th century in Japan.
Some are used as a divider to create a sacred space. Some are used to keep the evil and bad spirits away.

Keeping Tia protected and safe!

More info
on the print

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Carole said...

Hello, I've just become your newest follower after thoroughly enjoying some time visiting your blog. Love your rabbits! Love the lines and movement in your work. Come visit my blog when you have some time to see what I've been up to.