Sunday, 1 April 2012

Laputa robo and Mikoshi Nyudo

Damon made a drawing of a robot from the film "Laputa" on the rooftop of Ghibli Museum last year in Tokyo.
We've been making prints based on the drawing.

Damon and I've printed this second version - it's called Mikoshi nyudo.

Mikoshi nyudo is a Yokai - it is a monster, ghost or mysterious natural phenomenon in Japanese folklores.

a yokai you'd meet on the street alone at night.
At first glance it's said to look like a Buddhist monk but it keeps growing taller as you look up.
We chose a black head with gleaming eyes instead as this is how I felt as a child walking alone at night.

This is our first image, Laputa II
from Damon's Laputa robot.

Third version is Laputa III.
This is a smaller image than the other two.

Damon's Laputa robot is still evolving.
I'm very much looking forward to working on a new image when Damon returns from his trip to the US for his exhibitions in Philadelphia and New York in April.

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