Sunday, 6 May 2012

Talking of a chameleon exhibition

I'm currently having a collaborative exhibition "Talking of a chameleon" with Damon Kowarsky until 30 May at Perimeter books.

Chameleons have long been known for their ability to change colour and transform.
In this suite of ten etchings and a zine we try to take that transformation one step further with a series of strange and wonderful animals.

"Talking of a chameleon", he said: "Its master put it down on a tartan rug and it died of overexertion."
Jean Cocteau, quoted by Liane de Pougy (1869-1950)
Thank you so much Dan and Justine at Perimeter books for making this exhibition possible. Perimeter books is such a beautiful special space with variety of local and international books.
Owners Dan and Justine also own Erm Books, small press artist publisher.
These books, again, are collectable gems!!

Exhibition runs from 5 to 30 May 2012

Perimeter books
748 High Street
Thornbury, VIC

Wednesday 12 to 6pm
Thursday 12 to 6pm
Friday 12 to 7pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm


Carole said...

Looks like a fabulous place to show your amazing work! Congratulations.

Kyoko said...

Thank you Carole, yes it is a beautiful bookshop. We couldn't help but read the books while installing...