Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Updates on ANZAC Centenary Arts Project

Image of a smuggled kangaroo from Australian Geographic website.
I had a meeting with Penelope Bartlau of Barking Spider Visual Theatre to discuss our ideas and share our research on ANZAC Centenary Arts Project blog.
It is always so inspiring to talk to her. She's one of the very few people I know who can really pulls ideas and thoughts out of my brain as we converse. I always leave her house feeling positive, hopeful with some kind of epiphany.

She made beautiful blog posts on our research.
It has our ideas as well as what / how we felt while doing the research on WWI soldiers from City of Wyndham area. And some of my doodles..

When we read each soldier's story on Wyndham Our Story website, suddenly the number of death isn't a mere numbers anymore. Everyone has a story to tell and so does their death.
It's one soldier's life that ended in the war times thousand times.
I think numbers alone can make us a bit blind to the significance of these events.
Although numbers signify magnitude of horror and tragedy, I believe it is really the personal story that makes us empathetic and deeply care. 

Here is a line from a letter that a soldier Private Leslie Joseph Rogers from the Werribee Shire who was killed in actuan on 6 August 1916.
I'll only put some line that really helped me visualise - Penelope has made beautiful post on the blog.

“Black prevails everywhere and still the people are happy and very hopeful“
“somewhere behind the sun”
“everything but the crucifix has been smashed”
“battalion band struck up some tunes and  anthems”

Penelope will include her poetry along with my image.
This project is a huge challenge for me and I'm so glad I'm working on this.

More information on the project is best read on our ANZAC Centenary Arts Project blog.

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