Monday, 15 February 2016

Treasure box - latest print

Treasure box
I think we all had a little treasure box as a child.
Mine had letters from friends, letters to the future self and little toys I bought from Gacha Gacha machine (you put a coin and turn a lever attached to the machine, a capsule containing a toy comes out) in Japan.
I used to bury it with friends as a time capsule on the corner of school yard or side of local shrines and temples and we made a promise that we would dig it up after 10 years.
We would go back and try to dig again after few months despite the promise - but we never found our treasure boxes again. It's still a mystery.

Treasure Box is one of the latest etching print.
This brand new print will be exhibited at Metropolis Gallery in Geelong, VIC Australia as part of a group exhibition Animal Instinct from 5 -19 March along with many diverse and amazing printmakers in Australia interpreting animals in their works.

Artists include:
Anita Barrett, Dean Bowen, Jazmina Cininas, Rona Green, Bridget Farmer, Gillie and Marc, Gracia Haby + Louise Jennison, Lucy Hardie, Sheridan Jones, Kyoko Imazu, Adrian Lockhart, John Ryrie, Judi Singleton, Jess Szigethy-Gyula, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Deborah Williams and Gail Willoughby

Animal Instinct
5 - 19 March
Opening Saturday 5 March, 5 -7pm

Metropolis Gallery
64 Ryrie Street
VIC 3220

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