Sunday, 17 May 2009

Japan Festival

I went to Japan festival today in Box Hill. This is the first place I came after arriving in Melbourne in 2003. And since then I hadn't been there so it was kind of nostalgic! At the festival, I was so impressed by this Japanese Model Railway Group. Their miniature Japanese country-side city with all the railways was just superb!!!! I love miniature sculpture so I was just looking at all the details for a long time. You can look at it for hours as there are always new discoveries in the model. Little people picking tea leaves or fisherman working etc... I didn't have a camera with me so I had to borrow photos from their website. They have so many different trains there and know exactly what train runs where in Japan. There was a waterfall, a shrine, snow etc in some of the scenes. This kind of dedication in any form is so inspiring! And also the Japanese country-blues guy George Kamikawa playing with this shamisen player Noriko Tadano at the festival was quite fun!!! Love the sound of shamisen! 

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