Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rachel's cabinet

I bought a dentist cabinet at the Industria on Gertrude Street on the weekend for organising my endless paperwork in the drawers below the cabinet and displaying my small toys, fossils and stones in the top cabinet.
It's a lab furniture so the drawers are quite practical and smooth to use and as soon as I put my things in, yay it's so my taste!! All look comfortable sitting in the cabinet. Finally got a home for them. Now I feel like I want to buy petri dishes and beakers on dining table to complement with this cabinet at home.

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elainelaine said...

Oooooooooh!!! Super lovely!! Your treasures look great in there!
I went to a shop here in SF you would LOVE, its called Paxton Gate
They have fossils, weird plants, scientific oddities, and quite a few taxidermied animals :-( among other things... And next door is a pirate shop!!! Very weird!!!