Monday, 30 November 2009

Practice makes perfect...

first state, copper engraving

first proof, wood engraving

I've pulled few proofs for copper and wood engravings on the weekend.
The wood block made me realise how much I didn't practise, as the image didn't turn out to be as good as I hoped. I think I was a lot better when I was a student. My hands seem to have forgotten what they used to do before.
The copper engraving just showed how much more work I needed to complete this piece.
I think I was a lot better when I was student!
I felt a bit disappointed but I now feel very determined.
I'm so determined to practice everyday so my hands and head remember what they used to do everyday!!
It's just so too important to practise daily.............


Bridget Farmer said...

Is that my press there? I'm thrilled you're doing such beautiful work on it! I feel quite honoured!

Good luck with the practicing, I think it already looks great, but I know it's different with your own work!

Kyoko said...

Yes it's your press!! It's actually really good to use. I'm taking a good care of it! Thank you, I had no idea how good it is to print at home without worrying about time. And I think it's a printmakers' thing about never satisfied with your own work even if it looks good!