Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Relationship between drypoint bunny and music

I did a proofing for this drypoint black bunny today. It took a while to get a velvety black I wanted. I made this plate a long time ago but it wasn't black enough after the initial proof so I had to scratch it really violently.
I was listening to Eric's old CD of Rage Against the Machine when I was scratching the plate. And it worked so well. I had an insane energy to get the dark black I wanted. I love finding out what music works best in different circumstances. I don't think I can listen to this when I'm editioning or even reading though!


marvellous said...

hahahaa - rage against the machine!!!!! hilarious! Ive been talking lots about printmaking and music lately too... Its very important to have the right soundtrack!
This print is Black Monday in so many ways!!! Energy, aggression, but still super cute! ;)

Kyoko said...

Right music is so essential when you are working! I miss Monday... she gave me a great laugh!!