Thursday, 4 February 2010


I had another experiment for this print Fungiland yesterday.

First chin-colle was a total mess (see my post on Friday 29 Jan) so I thought I'd give another chance as I knew what I did wrong. I needed to change 2 things, material and method, in order for it to work.

Material: Gampi rice paper was used, way to thin. This time, I bought a sheet of Iwaki, slightly thicker rice paper.
Method: I watered the rice glue down, this made the Gampi wrinkle / shrink. This time, I used rice glue straight from the tube.

The green tube is the rice glue I use. This was my glue in primary school in Japan, so it's really really cheap, less than 300 yen (about $3.5 AUD). I was very surprised to see this glue being sold at $10 here in Australia! Since then I buy this glue as souvenir for myself whenever I go back to Japan.

After I applied a thin layer of the glue, I immediately placed on my damped printmaking paper.
Then I ran it thought the press with 3 layers of blankets.

??? this is the result......... ??? I don't like it...........
In terms of technique, it worked really well but aesthetically I don't think it works.
The colour of rice paper is too different from the printmaking rag paper.
I tried to reason / justify this print in the beginning. I thought I could say things like it's supposed to be retro hence the colour but NO, I realised it does NOT work.....
So I stopped editioning.

At first I felt like all the effort was a waste but well at least I learnt something here - PRINTS THAT ARE SIMPLY PRINTED WORK THE BEST!!!

I think my very first proof (above and the first photo on top) works a lot better.
I'm always taking detour. Things are actually so simple but I make them all complicated.


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


I think the work is rather loverly, but I've become rather biased. I think I may have solved your technical problenemies...
I see in the one photo you have only 3 fingers.

You're shy of the extra digits...they would certainly help when the paper fidgets.

The pinky is extra nicey to hold in the air...what I call a bit of savoir faire...
(when holding a cup of tea, but that's just between you and me)

I shall have a look at this Wu Tan Clan, the book illustrator man...the famously fabled Australian

If you get a chance to have yer three fingers wander to my bloggy...I just put the tiniest hints of a new story/poem versey thingy with a thumbnail or two there for you to peruse...if you choose.

too much to type here...
I shall find a better way to blabber at length

adios three fingers!


Yoli said...

Your work is exquisite because you are a perfectionist. You will arrive at the desired product.

Kyoko said...

Thank you Kevin:) Extra fingers to keep myself stable, that's true! Actually just found out what Wu Tan Clan was! There was a poster on the street.

Yoli, thank you always always for your kind comments!! I think I need to leave this print for few days and come back to see. I think that help me see things better!

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

I looked up Shaun Tan. Surprisingly little is mentioned of him being tan at all. NO evidence of him even having a tan.

Though it is unlikely for Shaun to have a tan. It seems he spends a lot of time indoors creating some wonderful, wonderfully, wonderful art. Neat stuff. I could use a tan...just so I connect all the freckles together.

(Wu Tan Clan...I am not a fan), but..they are very tan.