Thursday, 18 February 2010

Shadow theatre

This was a mock-up / practice piece of my artist book called Pocket Garden.

This one didn't get bound so I put it on on a window sill.
It's a shadow theatre or a collage with sky.
It changes its mood constantly. Sometimes it's bright blue, pink, purple.


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

really neat...
However dear K,

You have opened up a whole area that can be explored with the shadow play backlit by yer wee window.

You could massive prehistoric animals in your window so when you wake looks like your lonely apartment went back in time. (at least there is no rent)

You could do a scene with flying saucers shooting deathrays onto a city skyline blowing up buildings.

or a bunch bugs..flies, roaches...tell the apartment management and get your rent reduced.

there is soooooooo many things you could do.

oh yea...parchemnt paper...I just get in the pad.
And the micronpen...I wear down the tip to get the "feel" I like then use it.
I have several on hand that have a different "feel", like a nib, and use them for different line quality.

have you noticed I leave very long comments?


Yoli said...

So beautiful, I would love to have one.

Kyoko said...

Yes I could set this window as a stage and make different scenes! I can see Melbourne city from this window so I think I could utilise that as a background.
I really would like to use micron pen.
I haven't seen it here but it looks like an Artline pen.
I'll keep looking for it.
I like your long comments so please do more!