Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Changing the everyday scenery

I was reading an interview of Hirokazu Koreeda on his movie "Nobody Knows".
It's a movie in 2004, about four children, each a child by a different father and abandoned by their mother. They are then forced to survive on their own.

He talked about one letter he received from someone who watched the film.
The letter said,
"After leaving the cinema, I took a train home. When I arrived at a station near my house, I saw children playing in the park even though it was late at night. It wouldn't have caught my eyes before but I kept thinking about why they are playing at such late time, who is waiting for them at home. So I couldn't help but looked for those children next day."
Upon reading the letter, Koreeda thought he wasn't wrong in making this film.
It is because he believes it is important to create a movie that changes / challenges how people look at everyday life or scenery that they are used to, rather than creating a film that has a strong message itself.

This gave a little sparkle in my head. I hope I could do that in my own work too.
It's not about how loud a work can speak, maybe it's something more quiet. Maybe it's an absence that gives absolute presence.
And I hope my English interpretation is ok to read above...


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


Well, ya probablly didn't miss me. I did some more stuff on my blog.

I see you've been very active artwork wise.

As always...the work is great.


Kyoko said...

Hey K! I have been looking at your blog:)
i have been enjoying your photos of eagles and vultures(?) and your manager/spouse! you obviously didn't get murdered by machette!

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

Hey-Hey K!

I like your new profile picture. It is literally a profile...and shows what you do best- lounging around doing nothing but taking naps. No, wait...is that what your cat is teaching you?

I have been wanting to comment on your art...but I would end up posting on the site here something that is too long.

You're just going to have to suffer with just a short compliment then! :-)
The work lately is great.

Your bunnies...ha! Fantastic!

Hey K, how about a new profile picture of you with a cigar!?

your dear American K

Kyoko said...

Yes i am trying to relax like cats can!
Thank you K:) I missed your comment!
I really liked your photo with a cigar, and your desk!
I might try it one day...

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

Super K

I'm just going to have email you from now on! My comments will take pages!

I just sent off a new story/poem with new illustrations to shop it around to get it published.