Sunday, 18 April 2010

Weird fishes

I get eaten by the worms
Weird fishes
Get picked over by the worms
Weird fishes
Weird fishes
Weird fishes


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

Oh K! K! K! K! K!.....

What a weird brain you do have.

First off, for some reason when I wnet to publish your commenty on my arty was lost.

How unfortunate for me. My ego needs lots of comments.


Weird fishesesess....
Rocks and minerals, paper cut books, engraving, block printing, water colors and inking...time travelling rabbits...

You have a very neat brain. It must be neat to be inside there. I am sure there is at least one or two cat litter boxes in there...but that's ok.

Ah K! K! K! K! K!.....

One day I shall hve to get in my car and drive all the way to Australia and look inside your ears and see what is inside there. Also, we can get your autograph.


Kyoko said...

Thank you so much K:)
Super encouraging..... Yes I'm looking forward to the day you come to Australia!! Or I come over!

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


We'll meet half way!
You a good swimmer?



Yoli said...

Oh these are exquisite!