Monday, 14 November 2011

Saturday at the museum

I went to Melbourne Museum last Saturday morning.
Always my favorite place!

Raccon was the animal I wanted to draw for my new wood block print.
I found rats in Discovery Centre's drawer instead.

Rats seem to be very unpopular here.
When I was at the table sketching these rats, lots of people were saying "how disgusting" "sick!"
I didn't know rats are seen as such nasty creatures.
I always thought they are cute!

Broad-toothed rat, so fluffy and cute...

Water rat, big like an otter.

Next time I will go in and hopefully draw racoon, if they have one inside.

I didn't know Melbourne Museum charges $10 for an admission by the way.
I remember it used to be a lot cheaper.
I miss Seoul where gigantic National museum is FREE!


Elisabeth Omdahl said...

Wonderful studies!

Bridget Farmer said...

i want to come drawing with you. You can request certain animals to be brought to you, I used to ask for certain birds. But it's a bit of a pain and they seemed reluctant to help when I did my drawing there. But ask at the desk and get a contact number and make arrangements and they should be able to help. if you do, i want to come too though!!

ps. i love rats too.