Thursday, 31 May 2012

Amami rabbit warm

I've made a new edition of my Amami rabbit in different colours.

This time I chose warm tone with Sanguine, Warm red and Raw Amber and bit of black.
I tend to use lots of Sanguine. It's such a versatile colour. I can mix it to both warm and cool tone.

 I can see the line drawing of rabbit's fur better in this colour.
The colour could have been a bit darker than this brown tone, but then I think all lines might have got lost.
Also I've printed this version on Hahnemuehle off white.
It is a really warm white paper. It works well with warm tone colour inks.

It makes me want to try lots of different colours with this image.
Maybe a fluro yellow rabbit or a put special pigment powder on ink so it glows in dark...


Rabbit Rescue said...

Rachel your rabbit art is really good!

Kyoko said...

oh thank you!! been drawing rabbits for a very long time, i don't get bored of it!