Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Nue is a monster in Japanese legend and folklore. 
It appears in numbers of literatures and it is described as having the head of a monkey, the body of a racoon, the legs of a tiger and the tail of a snake.
Originally the word Nue was first referred to a bird called White's Thrush.
People thought those birds were bad omen because they only sang at night.
Nue that we know of today as the animal above was formed in one episode from a book about an epic account of a war (Tale of the Heike) in 1180-1185. It talks about how this monster appeared as a black cloud with strange sound and made the emperor have nightmares and fall ill.

This is my latest print from last week.
I love drawing animals, especially furry ones, more than anything else. (if it wasn't too obvious from all my other works...)
Second thing I love drawing is plants.
This print just satisfied my love of drawing animals and plants.
I got to draw 4 different animals and lots of plants in one plate!

It is a two plate etching with Sanguine / Warm red / Raw Amber and Black / Sanguine / Raw Amber



Carole said...

Hello Nue. You are beautifully created.
All your work is wonderful and your posts always interesting.

Kyoko said...

Thank you! I'll try hard and keep up my blog! Enjoyed reading your blog too, love the photo of your rabbit :)