Tuesday, 14 August 2012

White tailed Jackrabbit

This white tailed Jackrabbit lives in Melbourne Museum mammal specimen room.
This one came from Upper Klamath Lake, California.

Earlier this year I started going to Melbourne Museum mammal room with Damon Kowarsky with assistance of curators Wayne Longmore and Karen Roberts.

As usual rabbit/hare shelf was the first section I went to look for specimens to draw.
This hare was the first one I drew on the first day at the Museum.

Damon and I make pencil drawings there and later in the studio we turn them into etchings.
This is my etching of White tailed Jackrabbit

Pencil drawing

All specimens have such beauty, even old and mangy ones.

It's quite fun to imagine they once ran in fields, slept on trees nibbled on grass, flesh and insects although their time's stopped forever now.



Carole said...

Lucky you to access to such a wonderful museum!

Kyoko said...

it's wonderful to be able to take time and draw in the backstage too! Looking forward to posting more images!