Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Battle of wolves

Battle of wolves is a new artist book.

I made this book at my ex-lecturer and printmaker Jazmina Cininas' studio who kindly offered me her space and a press while she was overseas. 

detail, cerberus
Jazmina Cininas is a Melbourne based printmaker who uses reduction linocut to create extremely labour intensive images of female werewolf characters in Eastern European mythology as well as more contemporary and pop culture context.

At her studio, animals and strange monsters are roaming around together with old and new images of women.
As I was surrounded by images of fascinating mix of werewolves, monsters, Red riding hood and other animals like foxes, dingos etc at her studio, it was very tempting to use these images as reference to make something.
I combined many of the images from her pin board and books with drawings from my sketchbooks and other monsters like Cerberus.

Thank you so much Jazmina!

detail, a girl and a wolf

This book can be viewed at Artisan Books at 159 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria.

More images and info are on my website


Paul Compton said...

Magical! Love this piece so much.

Kyoko said...

Thank you so much Paul!