Sunday, 9 September 2012

Trish Roan

Trish Roan is a Canberra based artist who primarily works with glass and found objects to create installation and kinetic sculpture.
She studied at Australian National University and since graduating she's been working in her studio at Anca and Canberra Glassworks.

She's been very busy this year as she had her solo as well as group exhibitions recently.
These are the images from her recent solo show.
hum, Trish Roan
To me, she is an artist in the sense of scientists or amateur scholars in the Victorian era who observed and recorded everyday phenomena in the world they saw.

Her work makes me notice things that are usually invisible to our eyes or hard to see if you don't pay attention, such as the earth moving, position of the sun in different seasons etc.
Her work doesn't yell, rather it sits in the corner of my brain and helps me realise how things, even seemingly worthless things in everyday life, can be worth spending the time to savour.

even the most solid of things, Trish Roan

even the most solid of things (detail), Trish Roan

gramophone, Trish Roan

800,000,000 heartbeats, Trish Roan
800,000,000 heartbeats (detail), Trish Roan

Looking forward to seeing you when you come back to Melbourne next time Trish!

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