Tuesday, 9 October 2012


PRESSURESCAPES is a collaboration between two Italian-based artists, El Gato Chimney and Emma Malic.
They publish monthly feature on a contemporary printmakers around the world as well as make beautiful prints.

The silence of reason, 2010, image by Pressurescapes

A little more than a month ago my interview with Emma was published on their website.
All questions are unique to each artist but I noticed there is one question they ask to all artists.
How do you think printing will evolve?

I found it challenging to answer this so it got me thinking.
In the interview I said it is definitely steering towards digital printing.
The past five years since graduating from university, I have noticed many more students are choosing digital media in the printmaking departments. 
Also at a bookbinder where I work part-time, more people seem to be using iPad or other digital media instead of turning their artworks into a bound book a folio.

Printmaking will hold on, separate from digital printing and I hope it will continue to be relevant in art world, not a secondary art form after conceptual installations or sculptures and paintings. 
Not only it is a beautiful art form with a long deep history and tradition, but also I believe it can reach better to a wider audience and connect to people and community.

Pressurscapes states "For us, printmaking is not a minor form of art that should be forgotten in the era of digital prints: our goal is to combine our contemporary aesthetics with our love of drypoint and etching"

Thank you Pressurescapes for giving me the opportunity for the interview!

The fate, 2010, image by Pressurescapes
All images are by El Gato Chimney and Emma Malic of Pressurescape

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