Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bakeneko day and night

Bakeneko at 2am
Cat is one of the animals that often become yokai (supernatural monsters) in Japanese folklores, along with fox, Japanese raccoon dog, spider and snake.

Bakeneko is a yokai that an ordinary cat transforms into.
Once transformed, Bakeneko walks with hind legs, talks like human, dances with tenugui around head, controls dead people, curses, attacks human with a wolf pack and so on.
There are also stories where Bakeneko played sumo with human too.
I've made two edition called Bakeneko and Bakeneko at 2am.

First I made Bakeneko, as part of Impression fund raising exhibition at Australian Print Workshop.
Then I wanted to put this cat in a different setting, so I turned the sky into night time for the second edition, Bakeneko at 2am.
2am points around the hour of Ox in zodiac - even plants and trees are asleep, that's when we consider suitable time for demons and monsters to lurk around..

Bakeneko will be exhibited at Australian Print Workshop from the end of this month along with over 160 artists.
It's a great opportunity to buy prints at an affordable cost ($100, $150 or $200).
I've already seen what my friends Bridget Farmer and Damon Kowarsky have done for this show. Looking really lovely!
All works are edition of 10, so be quick or they will be sold out!

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