Friday, 22 March 2013

Lidth's Jay

Lidth's Jay, 2013, etching and aquatint
Lidth's Jay, also known as Amami Jay is a bird native to Amami islands in Japan.
Amami islands are home to some rare and endangered species like this bird and Amami rabbit.

I drew this bird at National Nature and Science Museum in Tokyo in snowy January this year.
First thing I noticed was the colour of its feathers. 
It changes its blue hue with light - purply blue on one angle but peacock blue on the other angle and so on - thus the name of this bird in Japanese Rurikakesu - Ruri is the colour of lapis lazuli.

The plants on this image is a mixture of my drawings in the sketchbook - some are drawn from life in New Zealand, some are native plants to Amami Islands drawn from photos - I've never been there before.

This Lidth's Jay will be exhibited at Bird's Gallery from 23 April as part of my solo show called Adore.
More information is coming soon!

Original drawing of Lidth's Jay

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