Friday, 16 August 2013


Friend, 2013
I've drawn Tia since 2011 and made two prints since. (First and second one)
This time I put Lawes' Parotia with somehow startled look on her arm as her friend.

Lawes' Parotia is a bird of paradise family from Papua New Guinea that I drew from Melbourne Museum.
Just like all other bird of paradise, Lawes' Parotia has a very distinctive and fascinating courtship technique.
Males collect natural objects from the forest such as snake skin, mammal poo, furs, feathers, bone fragments etc and place them at their dancing court site - behaviour resembling to male bowerbird's.
Males do not use their objects in display and each type of item was removed by females.
They then spread their feathers like a skirt and dance.

Thank you so much Tia!!

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