Sunday, 18 August 2013

Australian Tapestry Workshop

Left to right: Milena Paplinska, Pam Joyce, Sue Batten and Cheryl Thornton
Working on the interpretation of Juan Davila's painting for the State Library dome
I'm currently an artist in residence at Australian Tapestry Workshop.

ATW is one of two tapestry workshops in the world that produces hand-woven tapestries in collaboration with artists on a commission basis (the other one in the UK).
Australia should be very proud!!

It's a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful place to work in.
Like the residency at the Art Vault, I cannot stress enough how great it is to work there.

My initial project was to make lots of artist books, but I couldn't resist the urge to try learning the technique of weaving.

I'm just realising and appreciating how fascinating and difficult it is to be able to weave.
I think this difficulty actually makes it even more captivating as a medium because it highlights the great craftsmanship of artisans' hands and the laborious time they spend in creating monumental tapestries.

I don't think much has changed in terms of the technique that ATW's weavers employ.
It is so magical to imagine the history of this art since 15th century - the same technique in totally different environments for different purposes.

And there is a fantastic opportunity to view great tapestries coming soon!
My friend Ema Shin, former artist in residence at ATW, is shortlisted for Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries. Opening of the exhibition and Award announcement is on Thursday 29 August at ATW.
This should be an amazing exhibition of tapestries from all over the world.

I am slightly ashamed to show but here are my practice pieces... very far from even creating my own image.
First trial - practising how to create basic shapes
Second trial - trying to create an image with not much success

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