Friday, 30 August 2013


My etching show Animalis is at Port Jackson Press until 30 September.

Animalis is a Latin word for 'living creature' as well as 'airy', 'having breath' or 'spiritual'.
It's as though I haven't made a point about my love for drawing animals!

However, I hope this selection of prints at Port Jackson Press will highlight my fixation / obsession into animal forms.

Drawing animals is the one and maybe the only thing I have kept doing since childhood for as long as I can remember.
I gave up on playing piano, math, unicycling, writing poems and all sort of things as a kid. 
Drawing animals continues to fascinate me to this day.

I'm trying to depict them in different media such as woodblock and tapestry, which I will write about on some other day.

Danielle Creenaune, Australian printmaker based in Barcelona, is exhibiting "Impermanence" with her lithographs and etchings and Ema Shin is showing her installation "My garden" with prints on textile and paper mache at the Little Window of Opportunity (her work can be viewed 24/7)

Here are sneak photos of Danielle and Ema's works. My works weren't up then so will put it up som other time.
Danielle Creenaune's prints on the wall at PJP

Sorry Danielle... I couldn't get the colour right in the photo. 

It's actually really lovely green, blue and black of different depths.
There are much more prints so please go see them in the gallery! 
I really like the mark-making!

Detail of Ema Shin's prints and embroidery at Little Window
You see Ema's signature colours with detailed hand-sewn embroidery. 
This is only a small section of the entire print and installation.
She surrounded this print with her paper mache objects that reminds me of scientific specimen, but simultaneously festival masks in Japan!

Exhibition will continue until 30 September.

61 Smith Street

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