Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Spectre, 2013
Happy Halloween!!

I've been making tiny etchings for exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia and Hong Kong in November.
Gathering, 2013
I started working on small scale for the exhibition in Hong Kong at first as suggested by the gallery manager Phemie.
I decided to take on board with the idea as I often thought about doing it and also I always admired Rembrandt's tiny incredible etchings.

Small plates are so much fun to work with.
No big commitment or stress, it is easy to make much larger edition too.
Spectre and Gathering are both edition of 50.
I wouldn't have been able to print like that if I was working on usual larger plates.

Yatagarasu, 2013
I sense this is going to be a long series!


Carole Reid said...

Same to you! A long series will be wonderful to work on. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Kyoko Imazu said...

Thank you Carole! I hope to make a long series that can also look like a story!!