Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rabbit hunt

Rabbit hunt, 2013
Rabbit hunt is a miniature book I made during an artist-in-residence at Australian Tapestry Workshop.
It's a conflict between humans who hunt and rabbits who fight back!

Rabbit hunt, 2013
I was inspired to make this when I was flipping through books on medieval tapestries.
"Rabbit Hunt with Ferrets" in 15th century and the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries in the late 15th - 16 century really caught my eyes.

I knew Unicorn tapestries as they are often used in popular culture but it is after I started learning to weave, I realised their significance.
Rabbit hunt, 2013
There is also another suit of unicorn tapestry that really grabbed my attention called The Lady and the Unicorn.
In contrast to the Hunt of Unicorn, The suit of six lady tapestries depict five senses (taste, hearing, touch, smell and sight) plus one obscure one with beautiful red colour with dazzling millefleurs.

They are in the collection at Musée de Cluny in Paris. 
In January 2014, I'm going to see these tapestries in Paris! 

Rabbit hunt, 2013
It's a leather book!
More details are on my website.

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Carole Reid said...

Rabbit Hunt is beautiful, Kyoko.