Monday, 9 December 2013

Cat town

Cat town, 2013
I haven't been able to update this blog with new works for a very long time.
Now that I have a moment I would like to introduce one of my prints Cat Town.
Like lots of people, I do have a soft spot for cats.
I did in fact name this blog after my ginger cat Rachel.

Cats inhabit most parts of the world in large numbers and are probably one of the most familiar of all animals to us.

I wanted to make familiar cats slightly unfamiliar by creating an army of them.
Like my other prints Gathering, a zine I Want More Rabbits!, and watercolour Surge I always fantasise imagining a society overthrown by small ordinary animals and things that we usually don’t find threatening. 

Also at the time of making a drawing for this print, I was listening to Haruki Murakami's audiobook 1Q84.
There is a made-up German story by him within 1Q84 called "Town of Cats" that really caught my attention. I listened to the story over and over. I actually even looked for this book online hoping that there is a book called Town of Cats.

A protagonist got into the deserted town, only to find cats coming to town and work after the sunset.
Despite his attempt to leave the town, there was no train that stoped at the station where he got off.
He then realised he was actually lost from the world we live in - there would not be any trains that come and take him back to the real world...

I couldn't help but look at my Rachel with a different point of view. 

Cat town, 2013 detail

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