Wednesday, 26 March 2014

An Irish Connection

Tussock Upstairs Gallery in Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia will be staging an exhibition of Australian and Irish printmakers to celebrate the commencement of their third year of operation.

15 Australian printmakers are included in the exhibition along with thirteen Irish printmakers based in and around Cork, Ireland.

I feel very excited to be part of this exhibition! I'm including mixture of old and new works.

31 March to 27 April
Officially opened by Anne Virgo, Director of the Australian Print Workshop
Saturday 5 April, 3-5pm

Australian printmakers

Irish printmakers
Johnny Bugler, Conall Cary, Lorraine Cooke, Wendy Dison, Morgan Doyle, Sean Hanrahan, Marianne Keating, Jo Kelley, Fiona Kelly, Eileen Kennedy, Aoife Layton, Noelle Noonan GrĂ¡inne Ruane

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