Friday, 28 March 2014

What's happening at The Fold?

Here are some lovely works from the exhibition The Fold.

Yoshe Gillespie
Yoshe Gillespie's large lithograph called Recording #4. Mesmerising.

Yuho Imura
 Yuho's series of lithographs with relief printing. Layers and layers of beautiful colours!

Leonie Conellan
Leonie's artist book called The snake that ate its own tale. Never ending book!
She is also the curator for this exhibition.

Andrew Weatherhill
Intaglio prints made by a moving ball

Andrew Keall
 Andrew's lithograph and linocut called After Mountains, Stars Again 

Betty Musgrove
Figures actually pop up!
Kyoko Imazu
And my book.

It's hard photographing the actual textures and colours of the prints.
Please have a look at these works in real life!

The Fold
Curated by Leonie Conellan
Until Saturday 5 April

Shop 3, 427 Docklands Drive

Take 70, 86 or 35 City circle trams and get off at Stop D11.

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Carole Reid said...

Wow, it must be beautiful to behold!