Thursday, 11 February 2010


I bought a pack of Arches 300gsm Hot Press watercolour papers.
It's so perfect for not only watercolour but also line work by nib.

I'd been using Saunders Waterford 300gsm with rough surface since I was a student.
It's great for watercolour and a little bit cheaper than Arches. I love looking at this rough surface catching watercolour wash and then slowly creating bleeding effect by itself.
However I couldn't manage to do a nib drawing on this paper. Nib couldn't move on a rough surface smoothly and I'd end up getting blobs of ink and ruining whole image. (I call it nib's poop)

Now I can do nib endlessly. When I first got my nib, it felt so great I couldn't stop drawing all night.
So smooth!

I can imagine me doing more detailed watercolour work on this paper.
Or maybe I could make artist books!

Good reminder for me of how important it is to choose the right materials.

More detailed images are on my etsy shop


thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...


Good tip!
I'll need to take a look at yer paper you suggest myself.

(oh yea...awesome inking and coloring)

I used to use the dip pen. Had the same problems you've had until I went to parchment paper.
Parchment paper is great for inking.

Naturally, the micron pen is what I end up using. Too many blobs have accidently ruined an illustration over time with the dip is going to happen.

With the micron pen...I get new one and wear them down by scribbling on the parchment paper until I get the right chisel tip.

Now, the problem I have had is watercoloring parchment paper.

You can't.

This may save me some steps if your paper suggestion works for me.

If not...
I will curse your naughty nibs!

(umm...that last line sounds odd)

Non-Indigenous Woman said...

I like hot press paper, too.

Kyoko said...

Parchment paper sounds interesting to use..
Do you get it as a paper roll?
I've seen other artists using this Micron pen.
Never used it before, I'll have a try!

Hot press paper is so easy and smooth to draw and paint on! It was a bit like meditating.