Saturday, 27 April 2013

Adore - opening

Thank you so much for coming to the exhibition opening at Bird's Gallery earlier this week!
It was amazing to see many new as well as familiar faces.

Thank you so much also to the gallery owner and artist Brigita La made such a lovely space and turn this opening into a great event!

Another special thank you to Jazmina Cininas, artist and my ex-lecturer at RMIT University, who made a sweet and warm speech to open my exhibition. 

She is in fact my first teacher who showed me the inky world of printmaking in TAFE back in 2004. 
I then followed her to do my Bachelor of Fine Art in printmaking where she moved from TAFE.

It was fun to listen to her when she read my work assessment written by her as well as her first impression on me.

Thank you so much to everyone! It's become such an unforgettable event for me.

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